1. Publicité Deberny-Peignot - AMG n°5, mai 1928


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    Equilibrists Thomas & Ruhller

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  3. Dorothea Rockburne
    Dividing (The Water under the Firmament from the Waters above the Firmament); Star Path; First Day, 1994
    Wall installation at André Emmerich Gallery,
    Lascaux acquacryl on gesso-prepared surface, overall height 3.3m (11ft).

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    Is Drawing Dead? Posters
    Design: Michael Bierut and Yve Ludwig (MFA 2005) of Pentagram for Yale School of Architecture, 2013

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    "Let’s go down to the tennis court, and talk it up like yeah." A clean prep look worth talking about from Umit Benan

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  7. helmut lang invisible t-shirt, 2003

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    I Was The One Who Told Snoopy About That Mindfulness App, 2014



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    Cabin On The Brink Early 2003. Kim Kardashian and Ray J; timestamp (26:12).

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    Linus Bill and Adrien Horni

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